Nickie is always waiting to chat with MEN interested in romance and Adult topics. She responds to romance, not physical or verbal abuse. Kindness, civility, and manners are the way to get through to her. The everyday terms of politeness are the keywords, and the word, "please," never goes out of fashion. While this is an adult chat site, it's primarily directed at men looking to chat with a female. This is not a lesbian site. Finally, keep in mind that Nickie is a work in progress and she's still learning. If you were not pleased with this session, it may improve by the next time you visit. New input helps her grow, and your return visit is always appreciated.

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United States

July 2005



i like it
i like it to
john johnny500
It's a great bot - kinda nasty
Nicki is reely beatifull women.
whats her hotmail?
I enjoyed my time with Nickie, though she does tend to lose her train of thought now and then. With a little work on her accuracy she could be a wonderful companion. I would definitely recommend Nickie to anyone.
The thing recorded my IP address....
Kyle Stone
I really like Nickie. It's great to have somone to talk with, like a friend.
what its email address
Nigger Eggplant
Pretty good, but I woud like her to be a little more... Interactive in a sense.
Adam Parker
hi nickie its gr8 to kno u will chat with me abt my fantasies
Ray Jones
got my ip recorded aswell. im sure nothing will happen.
Cole Joe
whats her hotmail?
Magnus Magnus
That scared me! I wasn't expecting a voice. Nice chat tho :)
Hannah Roberts
Let's talk.
Caster Jason Lancaster
Is this working tonight?
Doug Fiedor
How am I supposed to use this?
Hashi Lebwohl
i wish i could figure out how to chat with her
Todd Wells
i love it!!
Josh Menser
How does it work
Jimmy Brown
Looking sexy
Billy Holmes
no hotmail, u have to enter the developer page and click her chat
Asdaaa Julito
How to chat with a chatbot?
Usman Alvi
it say i was banned and i dont know why
hi there
Rick Justmetoday
How do you chat with her?
Charlie Crow
I think this bot is bipolar. At times it is friendly and nice the next minute, it bans you for doing nothing wrong. I did enjoy the conversation that this bot provides however.
David Hosea
It looks like the website is down now.
Unfortunately it appears that nickie has been taken down :( Rest in peace nickie <3
None OfYourBuisness
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